Here at Audi West County, we are proud to be associated with the Audi brand. Those who drive Audi vehicles have always known that this manufacturer has a commitment to excellence. Here are three reasons you should think about making your next car an Audi.

Why Buy an Audi from Audi West County?

Reliability is one of the top reasons you should think about buying an Audi. Year after year, Audi is found among the top manufacturers in a number of important fields. Safety, luxury, and reliability are qualities that define Audi. More reliability in a vehicle means that you'll likely have fewer mechanical issues and lower maintenance costs.

Audi models receive high marks for safety. The Audi Q3, A4, and Q5 have all received very high safety ratings. Audi cars have also been named a Top Safety Pick by the IIHS in 2017. Safety should be important to every driver, and Audi makes it a priority.

Finally, fuel efficiency is another reason an Audi model can be attractive. Most Audi models average around 35 mpg on the highway and over 20 mpg in the city. This makes Audi SUVs very competitive with other crossovers and family vehicles.

Audi and Driver Loyalty

One of the best testimonials that any car manufacturer can hope for is driver loyalty. Many Audi owners return again and again to make another Audi purchase. They choose to stick with the brand because they have had a good experience in the past.

Would you like to join the ranks of satisfied Audi owners? We want to cordially invite you down to Audi West County, where you can test drive an Audi of your choice. We have a friendly sales staff that is always available to help with any questions you may have. Contact us for more information and offers.

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