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Whether you drive your car daily or only take it out for certain occasions, it’s good to stay current on tasks like oil and brake pad changes, tire rotation, and vehicle alignment, fluid flushing, and filter replacement at Audi West Country.

While you might not have read your Audi owner’s manual since first purchasing your vehicle, there’s plenty of good information listed there about the ongoing maintenance needs your vehicle will have.

Synthetic oils help to extend the time between oil changes, but with high-performance engines like the one found in your Audi, maintaining a strict schedule is vital. Not only does the oil lubricate precision parts, but it also carries away any grit and grime, keeping it from clogging systems and reducing engine efficiency. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended oil change schedule, and if you drive your vehicle infrequently, you’ll still want to change the oil every six months or so.

Keep your tires at the proper inflation rate and rotate them according to the instructions listed in your owner’s manual to avoid uneven wear and possible blowouts. It’s a good idea to have your vehicle’s alignment adjusted at the same time you purchase a new set of tires, both to keep your steering true and to avoid uneven tire wear.

As your vehicle ages, you’ll want inspections of your struts, shocks and spark plugs. Flushing and replacing fluids in your braking, transmission, transfer case and coolant systems will keep things running as they should. Seasonal checks of things like battery performance will help you avoid being stranded on a cold winter morning.

Don’t let vital maintenance work pile up. For all of your Audi service needs, simply schedule an appointment and Audi West Country will get right to work. Our technicians specialize in every aspect of Audi care and always utilize both manufacturer recommended parts and engine fluids to give you factory level quality whenever you visit.

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