Should I Lease or Buy My Next Audi?

Explore the Pros and Cons of Leasing and Buying Your Next Vehicle

So you’ve chosen your next Audi model available at Audi West County, and its time to figure out how exactly you want to pay for it. The inevitable question at this point is buy or lease? While the question is a fairly simple dichotomy on the surface, several factors should be considered before you make any final decisions.

Pros of Buying a New Vehicle

If you’ve chosen to buy your next Audi, that’s great! You get to drive as many miles as you want to, you can make any modifications you want, and the only person who will care that your muddy sporting equipment has left dirt all over your upholstery is you. In addition, when you’re done paying for your new vehicle, you’ll get the freedom of no car payment until you decide its time for a replacement.

Pros of Leasing a New Vehicle

If you’ve decided a lease is a good choice for you, that’s fine too! While you’ll be required to pay a specific amount up front, you’ll enjoy lower monthly payments and an incredibly short term, often just two to three years! This will allow you to upgrade with the automotive market so you’ll never be far behind the latest advancements in features and technology. That’s important considering how quickly the market is changing these days.

Cons of Buying a New Vehicle

If you have chosen to buy, its important to keep a few things in mind. Your warranty isn’t guaranteed to go the full length of your loan term due to mileage, and this is especially true if you’re financing beyond the four years included from the factory.

Cons of Leasing a New Vehicle

If you frequently drive long distances, leasing may not be for you as going over your mileage limit will incur a per-mile penalty when your lease term ends. In addition, any damage or modifications that need to be repaired or reversed will cost you at the end of your term as well, so keep that in mind if you live a rugged or messy lifestyle.

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