Audi Quattro AWD Reminds Us Why Four is Better Than Two

If you think that an Audi model with quattro all-wheel drive is only for bad weather, think again. True, this legendary system offers impressive grip in wet weather, but it also aids in day-to-day driving performance. You’ll find it on every Audi model we sell as standard fair or an option, and how it works is something quite special indeed.

The quattro philosophy is based on routing engine torque to the wheels with the most grip before traction loss. The core of this system is the center differential, which sits between two output shafts. This is what directs torque front to back as needed, indefinitely. In normal driving, 60 percent of the power will go to the back wheels, and 40 percent to the front. But the system can send 70 percent forward, and 85 percent aft as the situation calls for it, while torque and brake vectoring between wheels improves cornering performance and command. It all works so seamlessly and quickly, you won’t even notice!

Quattro is an innovation to keep command of the road in any situation, but there are other technologies on our new Audi lineup that go further. Contact our Ellisville, MO showroom and ask a sales rep about Virtual Cockpit, Audi Connect and MMI, our Pre Sense safety suite, and of course, our models.

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