How is a Car Wash Different from a Home Car Wash?

A consistent car wash can be vital to the health of your vehicle. A vehicle needs to have regular maintenance like the services we offer here at Audi West County in Ellisville, MO. It also needs protection for the body and paint job. You can opt to wash your car at home with regular soap and water. You can use your hose to spray as hard as you can. The differences between a home wash and a professional car wash are speed and precision. The pressure of the water in the car wash is enough to remove any dirt. It's still gentle enough not to hurt your paint job. The precision of the professional car wash is way more exact than a home wash. You can try to scrub every inch, but you won't get it all. It's not likely, even for the ones who practice this quite frequently. What a car wash does differently is that it gets the entire body of the car thoroughly. That way you can leave with a great feeling of knowing your car is completely cleansed.

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