The Importance of Preventative Maintenance on Your Audi

What is regular maintenance? Regular maintenance on your Audi can include things like; an oil change at your personalized mileage, checking your engine to make sure it is running smoothly, and changing or checking the fluids. Scheduling your service is important and has a lot of key factors. For example, the engine is the core of your vehicle. If your engine doesn’t run how it should, there is a chance your vehicle won’t run pristine either. Why do technicians recommend another oil change after a certain amount of mileage on your car? Considering that oil is constantly being used and assisting your vehicle's engine every time you drive, the answer is quite simple. Your engine is putting in a lot of work to get you from place to place, and the oil is lubricating and helping the engine do its job. To be fuel-efficient and make sure your engine is clean and running smoothly, completing your recommended oil change is key to success.

Audi West County is here to assist you with servicing your Audi. Please schedule your service and let us help you keep your Audi young!

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