How important is addressing my check engine light?

The best way to ensure that your vehicle operates at the highest level, close attention should be paid to the overall health of your car. The best way to stay on top of things is to monitor your check engine light closely and address the issues as soon as possible. The five most common reasons your check engine light may be on are here, below:
  • broken hose
  • mass airflow sensor
  • plug wires
  • blown head gasket
  • radiator issues
These are some of the most common issues that techs see in regards to the check engine light, but the possibilities are not limited to these and may result in more serious and costly issues. When left untended, the issues that the check engine light signify may worsen and lead to major repairs. If you are in need of expert treatment for your car, contact our service center immediately and consult with on of our dedicated professionals.
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